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Yemanja Arts Festival February 23, 2013
Every February the dance school I attend, Brasartes/Casa de Cultura, mounts the beautiful YEMANJA ARTS FESTIVAL directed by Conceicao Damasceno – This Feb 23, 2013 I performed in the festival, along with a number of my classmates, a piece choreographed by our teacher Rodson Santos de Jesus. It was challenging and very rewarding. Our dance isn’t on line but you can see some of the other dances here and here.

Since early 2010 I have collaborated with the ad-hoc group Poto Fanm+Fi formed in response to the Haitian earthquake in January of that year. Most recently I provided editing assistance to the project’s production of a survey and report on gender-based violence. The report, Beyond Shock: Charting the landscape of sexual violence in post-quake Haiti: Progress, Challenges & Emerging Trends 2010-2012, was written by Anne Christine d’Adesky and includes an introduction by Edwidge Danticat.

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In 2011 I joined current and past members of Paper Tiger TV to organize events celebrating the collective’s 30th anniversary in 2012. This month (Feb. 2012)  I went to NY to present at the opening of the Paper Tiger TV exhibit at Fales Archive at New York University and participate in BEING THE MEDIA: Designing a new rrradical media, a day and a half gathering at the New School. I presented on the media justice work I’m doing at Legal Services for Prisoners with Children and had a great time. Check out  the reader I edited for the anniversary: Hello Tiger!.

Here is a thumbnail of one side of the CATMAP I co-created with Erin Smith as a catalogue for the Fales Archive show at New York University

GOD PROJECT: I enjoyed co-creating and performing in this work-in-progress which debuted June 9, 2011 at the Jewish Theater in San Francisco as part of the Fool’s FURY Factory Ensemble Festival – Structured as a service this movement-based play explores the healing and hurt LGBTQ people face when coming out as Queer and/or spiritual people. This multi-year project is continuing in 2012, with a new name: Reviving Spirits/Viva Revival. Find out the latest here.

The God Project - Ensemble Theater Piece

The God Project - Ensemble Theater Piece


I play the overheating Earth in A Climate Change Pesadilla: a theater-based town-hall meeting with Green for All, Rainforest Action Network, The Ecology Center and the Environmental Justice Climate Change Initiative as part of Hecho en Califas Festival at La Pena, Berkeley, CA Oct. 2, 2008.

The Collective Experience in the Moment of YouTube (clip) – a community forum at Berkeley Community Media produced with  Poor News Network, First Voice Apprenticeship Program, KPFA, Paper Tiger TV, Video Feedback and Video Machete Collectives. Berkeley, CA (2/23/2008)
SPECFLIC: An ongoing creative research project (2003-present) in a new storytelling form called Distributed Social Cinema. Directed by Adriene Jenik. [foto of Attention Authority (me!) at Martin Luther King Jr Public Library. San Jose, CA. ISEA – International Symposium on Electronic Art]

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Clips from Public Access TV: Spigot for Bigots or Channels for Change? A 10-part series produced for Deep Dish TV. To see the entire series go to:

La Conversación – Guillermo Gomez Peña & Coco Fusco – 1990

This is Not An Ad: An interview with the Director of Communications at Benetton Corporation re: United Colors Ad Campaign – 1990

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Precious Places: A Grassroots Way of Seeing (co-authored with Allison Lirish Dean)   Next American City – Fall 2009

FCC Gets An Earful at Public HearingPDF
Media File Vol.23 Fall 2004

What the FCC is Going On?PDF
Media File Vol. 22 #2, Fall 2003

Palestinian Cartoon Hero: Naji Ali-AliPDF
Media File Vol. 21 #4, Fall 2002

An Interview with Sandy Close, Executive Director of Pacific News ServicePDF
Media File Vol. 20 #4 Fall 2001

Evolution of Media Alliance: From the Newsrooms to the Picketlines
An Interview with Raul Ramirez

Articles in HERESIES: A Feminist Publication on Art and Politics

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Regulating Motherhood: Race, Class and Policy (2002)  Co-producer.  Episode of Making Contact, National Radio Project

Women and Welfare: Organizing for Survival (2001) Co-producer. Episode of Making Contact, National Radio Project

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